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Where does libertarianism go from here?

At least five interesting things to start your week

The debt ceiling deal: What was the whole point?

Is immigration raising rents in America?

Where China is beating the world

Degrowth: We can't let it happen here!

Decoupling is just going to happen

Nonprofits are sapping the progressive project

Interview: Dan Wang, China specialist

Turkey, you were doing so well! (repost)

Thus passes Robert Lucas

How technology has changed the world since I was young

All the arguments against EVs are wrong

Generative AI and the finance industry

Interracial violence is rare in the United States

A DemTech Economic Agenda: Ten Steps Towards Collective Resilience

Why the U.S. should fight Cold War 2

Debt ceiling brinksmanship is terrible, but it is time for austerity

The new industrial policy, explained

How Pakistan can join the South Asia growth boom

First Republic falls. Is the banking crisis restarting?


Tucker Carlson and the Age of Bad Feelings

Repost: Someone has to run the fabs

Four interesting econ stories

Will there be a Millennial Big Chill?

"Luxury" construction causes high rents like umbrellas cause rain

Economic development is doing OK

Why aren't we taking every Chinese refugee we can?

Five big trends that have changed in the last few years

2023 is when the empires strike back

Europe is not ready to be a "third superpower"

Yes, it's OK to be mad about crime in San Francisco

Nobody knows how many jobs will "be automated"

Will Elon Musk kill Substack?

Repost: Weebs!

Industrial policy doesn't have to succeed right away

Bank weakness is how our economy cools off

Some ideas for science fiction in the 2020s

Three more books about the technology wars

Why Americans fear the AI future

Putin is a rest stop on the road of post-Soviet collapse

Why not put TSMC and Samsung fabs in Canada?

Repost: Interview with James Medlock

Progressives need to embrace progress

Repost: The Darkness

Yes, of course we should ban TikTok

In which Balaji gives away at least a million dollars

The Wokeness series

Will government regulate VCs and startups a lot more now?

SVB and the Fed

Preventing panic in the banking sector

Why was there a run on Silicon Valley Bank?

Which industries will China dominate?

LLMs are not going to destroy the human race

Interview: Kevin Kelly, editor, author, and futurist

Why do education, health care, and child care cost so much in America?

Conceiving the 2000s

Everything you think you know about homelessness is wrong

Honestly, it's probably the phones

What's your plan for 5 years of 5% interest rates?

The Build-Nothing Country

AI Techies!

China goes all-in on Russia's war effort?

Don't be a doomer

Repost: Much of what you've heard about Carter and Reagan is wrong

Wokeness as mainline orthodoxy

The U.S. cannot afford to turn against immigration

China must stop its coal industry

Decoupling is not deglobalization

Welcome to the UFO wars

Will AI take away the coding jobs?

Europe has to stand against Russia

The Developing Country Industrialization series

The state of Bidenomics

Stock buybacks don't really matter

Repost: Why I'm so excited about solar and batteries

Can India industrialize?

You are now living through Cold War 2

"Threats to the dollar" are just scare stories

Friend-shoring vs. "Buy American"

Why does ChatGPT constantly lie?

Professionalize the police

Vertical communities

Would breaking up Google really do any good?

Actually, Japan has changed a lot

The Big Tech layoffs are a turning point

The fiscal arsonists

How much does aging really hurt a country?

Three books about the technology wars

Secretary jobs in the age of AI

How college towns can survive and thrive over the next 20 years

Repost: Distributed service-sector productivity

Is the Fed hiking too fast?

Wokeness as prairie fire

The Poland/Malaysia model

China's industrial policy has mostly been a flop

Three economics happenings of note

Why Paul Ehrlich got everything wrong

The U.S. is starting to look more stable

Inequality might be going down now

The third magic