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Yes, most Americans own capital

How are the post-Soviet economies doing?

The liberty of local bullies

Christmas Omicron update

Can we actually "brain-drain" China?

Jamaica is doing OK

Why the CTC is so important

Love it and leave it

Omicron update, Inflation update

Crypto and the global financial system

Four reasons Biden's spending bill won't make inflation worse

Video interview: Greg Sargent on the threat of election subversion

Progressives need to tell the positive story about immigration

Techno-optimism for 2022

The Omicron situation, Week 2

Yes, the U.S. is still a (flawed) democracy

The George Floyd protests were not a civil war

How to fix Twitter

The Omicron situation

Video interview: Eric Topol on the Omicron variant

One year of Noahpinion

Is China's catch-up growth over?

Examining an MMT model in detail

Is America normalizing?

People have a right to be upset about inflation

Try patriotism

Inflation Is Up, But the Inflation Truthers Are Still Wrong

Why steel tariffs are always bad

Inflation is real; now it's up to the Fed

The Metaverse and (near-)infinite economic growth

What if Xi Jinping just isn't that competent?

Thoughts on the Virginia election

Much of what you've heard about Carter and Reagan is wrong

Cutthroat capitalism vs. cuddly capitalism

Who were the most important individuals of the 2000s and the 2010s?

"Defund the police" is dead as a doornail

What makes a cultural superpower?

Some problems with unrealized capital gains taxes

This year's econ critics make a few good points

People Aren’t Lazy (Including You!)

Natsec is how America gets things done

Beware shoveling money at overpriced service industries

Who is the real problem when it comes to climate change?

OK, NOW is it time to worry about inflation?

The Econ Nobel we were all waiting for

Life in the New American Suburbs

Why do people worry about deficits?

Nuclear vs. Solar

Why the Build Back Better negotiations are going to disappoint me

Interview: Jason Crawford, nonprofit founder

What happened to construction productivity? Part 1: Measurement

Pass the damn infrastructure bill, dammit

What does China have to lose from a real estate crash?

Climate optimism of the will

A failed economic theory of everything

U.S. vs. China: A battle of ideas, not militaries

China's real estate trilemma

Guest post: The Negro Subversive on Critical Race Theory

It's time for variant-specific boosters

The 9/11 Era is over. Good.

The Shouting Class 2: Last Refuge of Scoundrels

Interview: Larry Summers, economist

People are realizing that degrowth is bad

My anime recommendations

China's "Profound Transformation" is not so profound

Why is the Squad attacking Jerome Powell?

Towards the abolition of animal farming

Revolution, Afghanistan, Asia

The sci-fi futures we didn't get

Epistemic trespassing, or epistemic squatting?

Why has the gig economy been a disappointment?

Biden is sandbagging on immigration

Cultural gatekeeping

The 2020 Census and America's racial future

The Afghanistan occupation and the Japan occupation

Don't rely on supply-side policy to fight inflation

How might China's industrial policy fail?

Score 2 for Bidenomics

Calling the top on our Age of Unrest

Does America really lose all its wars?

Is an economics PhD still a great deal?

Hidden gems of Twitter

Why don't Americans trust each other anymore?

Are big companies just better?

The Shouting Class

What kind of economy leads to national power?

The homevoters and the haut precariat

Orwell's "The Lion and the Unicorn"

Should you trust science, or scientists?

Why is China smashing its tech industry?

Video interview: Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman, grad student, organizer, and writer

The economists' revolt

Some pictures of rabbits

Haiti vs. the Dominican Republic

Drawing pictures of cities

The Climate Left is a useful farce

The U.S. Military won't allow an insurrection

Why Cuba is having an economic crisis

Interview: Matt Yglesias, author and blogger

The U.S. didn't start Cold War 2

Is the U.S. a "land of opportunity"?

The War on Poverty was a success

Interview: Jason Furman, former chair of the Council of Economic Advisers

Is economics an excuse for inaction?

Fourth of July thoughts

Yuppie Fishtanks: YIMBYism explained without "supply and demand"

Hispanic voters and the American Dream

Bidenomics takes on government investment

What Studwell got wrong

Charles Blow's dream of a Black Quebec

A response to Scott Alexander on Jewish achievement

Why would Pakistan grow?

Who can push back when wokeness overreaches?

Interview: Marc Andreessen, VC and tech pioneer

Losing sight of the Future

Of course there's a STEM crisis

Social class in America

Murphy's Law? or, Follies of a Finite Physicist

Covid doom predictions that never happened

The terrific triviality of Twitter

A virtuous cycle of worker power and technology?

The social conservatives won more than you think

We aren't going to defund the police (nor should we)

Why do people feel like their academic fields are at a dead end?

America's scarcity mindset

Science fiction novels for economists

Bangladesh is the new Asian Tiger

How to criticize China without abetting racism

Are we better off?

Answering the Techno-Pessimists (complete)

Answering the Techno-Pessimists, Part 4: Science Slowdown?

That time conservatives canceled the KKK

A few thoughts on depression

Why do people hate inflation?

Status Anxiety as a Service

Time to temper my optimism?

The future of war is bizarre and terrifying

When to worry about inflation

Yes, lockdowns were good

Masks after the pandemic

Getting rich has never been so random

The Darkness

How Clubhouse might still win

Rabbit = Good Friend

Writing about fertility is really hard

Pandemic UI needs a redesign

Wokeness as old-time American religion

Podcast interview with Cory Doctorow

Contemporary China vs. Imperial Japan

Why politically guided science is bad

Is the Labor Theory of Value useful at all?

The deep economic theory of Bidenomics

The vaccine insurrection

China's government is starting to screw up

Someone has to run the fabs

A tall stack of hot takes

Who should we export the vaccine to?

Ally with Vietnam

How successful are Jews really?

Andrew Yang's ideas are better than you think

Interview: Julia Galef

Noah Smith's writing advice

Republicans and the Great Replacement

Why has climate economics failed us?

I don't get the high-speed rail thing (yet)


Bitcoin is upending the world of the rich

The Great Protest Wave

Guest post: Bill Janeway on "Lessons from the first New Deal for the Next One"

Bidenomics, explained

Against Hickelism

Bitcoin mining and resource use

Immigration as the new abortion

China is very 20th century

Yes, experts will lie to you sometimes

Wokeness as respect redistribution

The return of the Macro Wars

Your local price changes aren't inflation

China just isn't very popular

Substack complaints miss the mark

Decarbonization: Think globally, act locally

The Time of Consolidation

Distributed service sector productivity

Checking in on the Global South

Biden is triangulating the Left

Kim's Convenience: The end of the dream

How long will the COVID recession last?

We will not ban cars

Interview: Patrick Collison, co-founder and CEO of Stripe

Biden's first big win (and what comes next)

Answering the techno-pessimists, part 3: The productivity slowdown

Five reasons COVID's ass is grass

Is conflict with China fueling anti-Asian attacks?

All futurism is Afrofuturism

Interview: Saikat Chakrabarti, creator of the Green New Deal

How to fix U.S. foreign policy

Why not tie minimum wage to local rent?

Anti-immigration is a relentless meme

Who cares about the Ivy League?

Video interview: David Shor, political data scientist

Texas vs. The Future

It's not Cancel Culture, it's Cancel Technology

The U.S.' vaccine rollout is world-beating

Silicon Valley isn't full of fascists

Is Biden the "Reagan of the Left"?

Triumph of the HODLers

My sci-fi novel recommendations

Hexapodia podcast, Episode I

Carbon removal is how we make climate change fair

COVID relief isn't stimulus, it's social insurance

Hispanics or coups

Larry Summers' misplaced stimulus anxiety

The end of the War on Islam

Interview: Liam Kofi Bright, philosopher

Innovation: It takes a village

What do short-sellers really do?


Taiwan is a civilization

Interview: James Medlock

What kind of bubble is Gamestop?

The minimum wage pushback

Can knowledge industries escape superstar cities?

Minimum wage cabals, China showdown, vaccine optimism, and more

The Bernie movement: An assessment

Answering the techno-pessimists part 2: Green energy

No one knows how much the government can borrow

Cyberpunk came true. So what's next?

What was the Trump Era?

The Left-NIMBY canon

Bitcoin cannot store energy

Short thoughts + Bloomberg roundup, 1/16/21

Interview: Claudia Sahm

Why $15 minimum wage is pretty safe

20 predictions for the 2020s

Short thoughts on the insurrection, 1/13

More short thoughts on the coup

Considerations for a new Fairness Doctrine

Short thoughts on the coup

Housing and wealth-building

Thoughts on America's Cold Civil War

Japanese lessons for the American coup

A Singapore plan for public housing

The Vaccine War

This Week at Bloomberg, 1/3/2021


Will the U.S. have another civil war? Interview with Paul Staniland

Answering the techno-pessimists, Part 1: life expectancy